Dubai: Breakfasts At La Serre

Waking up to mornings in Dubai on weekends is always a challenge. Challenge of picking what cuisine to eat for breakfast. From the classic and no frills Arabic breakfast of bread, dates and yogurt to the savoury and warm breakfast food of the South East Asians to the fusion gourmet meals of the boutique restaurant shops spread around the city. Then of course there’s French breakfast. IMAG4448_1

Yes, yes. I know. Some people say French breakfast is boring since it only consists of a plain croissant, jam and a cup of coffee or tea. Cereals, Nuttela for the kids and bread like brioche for the adults. I don’t understand why they don’t like savoury breakfasts like we do in Asia. Us Filipinos can eat bread and rice with meat all within one hour of waking up with a little dessert and coffee on the side. Yes… Frown upon it but it’s just the way of us getting ready for the big day ahead. As I would say, no rice in the tummy makes little Jose or Miguel a sleepy boy in school.


So I should not have titled this entry as Breakfasts at La Serre but Brunches At La Serre should sound more better. Dubai has always been famous for the sunrise sunset brunches, people “pigging out”,(I should not be even using this term since its haram(forbidden) on kilometre long buffet tables and munching on sugar and calories even before they can say “good morning”.

Now it’s totally different here at one of my favorite breakfast spots in Dubai. La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie. Where everything is perfectly and delicately made from your coffee to your daily french bread of baguette, brioche or croissant(get their pain au chocolat if you like yours sweet). Plus since it’s late for breakfast and early for lunch, we have the savoury meals like Eggs in Truffle Sauce or the classic, Benedict. And of course they have a dessert area where you can shoot yourself if you don’t try at least one(we usually have two) post brunch.IMAG4452_1_1 IMAG4450_1_1

The interiors are amazing especially if you enter from Vida Hotel(free valet from that side). The hotel lobby is clean in design and earthly toned. From gray, brown, beige, cream and random splashes of color from the fresh flowers in the foyer. But I can be sure that 80% of their stuff came from Marina Home Interiors. Because the things I like and recommend in Marina Home’s collection are present in every corner and hanging from the ceiling.IMAG4471_1 IMAG4466_1_1 IMAG4464_1

The restaurant or bistro on the ground floor is typical French with a nice open kitchen layout where you can see the fresh daily produce and how they make your breakfast. On the upper floor is their boulangerie where full meals for lunch and dinner are served. I heard they have a long chef’s table upstairs that you can book to get the full French dining experience. The staff are great and attentive. Service is excellent. It is seldom in Dubai you have French nationals serving you. I asked one and he said a couple of them are from North of France. The others from the French speaking countries. I am not complaining but it adds up on the full French flair.

Try their sourdough breads and bring some back home for your marmalades and “French butter”. I always order Eggs Benedict and a cup of Latte. Dessert comes next. Try everything! Favorite is the “The Hazelnut Surprise” — not the official name of the dessert but I will call it that since it will surprise you when you break or crack the perfectly rounded milk hazelnut chocolate with nuts and cream at the centre.


So there. Start your Dubai weekends right with a quality French breakfast at La Serre. Then shop or watch the world go by in awe since Dubai Mall and The Fountains are just across the street. Highly recommended.

For queries:

Their website: click here

Vida Hotels: click here

Photos taken with The HTC One M8

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