Sweden: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

It’s not just a Shakespeare play. It’s an annual event in the Scandinavian region during summer when they celebrate the highest peak of summer, when the sun is at its highest. When the moon barely goes up the sky. When they celebrate the sun, the sky, nature and the people that takes care of all things beautiful.

our trusty little boat going around the islands

I got to experience it first hand in an island two hours away from Stockholm in the Swedish peninsula. The island of Nörro(means north island) where everybody knows each other, there are no cars so walking is the best option, and residents living the simple life. I could not get over how beautiful this island is, hell let’s say the whole country. Sweden’s natural beauty is matched with the beauty of its people and their warm hospitality. Down to earth, welcoming and kind. I was even surprised when they don’t lock their houses when we leave as they trust their neighbors(my passport was safe the whole time). 😁

I got to live the peak of summer this year in this amazing island for three days, living the simple life, getting to know everyone and their culture. Temperature was still a little cold but bearable, between 14-18’C.

when every corner of the island is instagram worthy

When I was a kid, I saw images in books about people dancing around a pole covered in leaves, branches and flowers. People merrily dancing around singing traditional folk songs with their family, children and new found friends. And imagine, I got to experience it! And it was an amazing experience. Everybody welcomed me with open arms, singing songs, drinking, merry making and telling stories of old times. Food was fantastic as well. Traditional but still served at their dining table. Swedish meatballs(better than Ikea of course) and herring of all sorts, which is the staple dish. And of course the best of it all, everything was homemade. I wish I could come back again to Sweden soon, to the land of the Vikings and the land of true hospitality(say Radisson).

It was a mix on the weather. Rain, sun, overcast then sunny again. But it was a cool experience hearing birds chirping at three in the morning when the sun was rising again. It didn’t go totally dark during the summer there. Sun set around eleven in the evening and in a few hours it’ll go up again.

I need a longer blog entry for this one like what I ate, how did I get there and what did I do during the day and night. But for the mean time, enjoy the amazing scenes I took of the island and the surrounding peninsula.

Best time to go to Sweden is during the midsummer around May till June, when the whole country closes business for the long weekend and just celebrate all day(literally as it doesn’t go dark for a long long time). Or just go there during summer which lasts till September.

Thanking Carin, Benq Olov, Alex and Anna for the invite and the warm welcome! A big Hej to you guys. Tills vi ses Eigen!

Sweden trip: June 2015

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