My Favorite City: Prague

Late upload on this one… finally found my pictures. Everyone’s favorite city.. Prague, Czech Republic. walk and explore the beautiful city till your feet hurt… City is safe, safe. walking the streets alone for 3 days and night…

Even got lost. Was walking the opposite where my hotel was located and people helped me find my way back and it was already almost midnight. they not only have great beer and roast meat but they are friendly and hospitable as well. This is where I learned that the bluer the sky, the colder it is… -16’C on a great sunny winter day…

Prague also has good bus and train connections to different cities in Europe so its a good base point when exploring. Good bus connections that I took the wrong bus going to Wroclaw, Poland, instead my bus was heading to some small town in Ukraine! I was politely shooed off the bus, good thing I was still in the city when I went down. But that’s the fun in backpacking and apply it to your daily life.. Learn from your mistakes and you see to it that it never happens again…

Cancelled my trip to Wroclaw, Poland and decided to take a bus to Eastern German city of Dresden to visit the annual medieval market.

December 2013 Euro Trip

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