Sir Loins & Sons Food Truck

Food truck! Everyone gets excited when a new one comes to the city.

So, get excited. Now.

As residents, we only get to enjoy these awesome food on wheels for 6 months (November to April). Okay May can still be bearable. After that, we get to hibernate, hide and eat in cold hotel lobbies and the never ending brunches across Dubai.

Just in time for the amazing weather in Dubai, dining al fresco by Kite Beach are one of those sweet moments you can enjoy during the winter times. I rarely visit Kite Beach, maybe three or four times a year. But yesterday, I just found out through my trusty Google Maps, it only takes me 22 minutes to get there on weekends and no traffic. So hopefully more Kite Beach moments for the remaining 4 months of great weather.


Sir Loins & Sons Food Truck by the Food Truck Co. opens up in Kite Beach. They got a great location in the middle of the action where all the restaurants are. Even better is they are just a stone’s throw away from the beach.


What do they offer? Their theme? All smoked stuff. They have a mean looking giant smoking grill on the side. Corn on a cob? Smoked Ribs? Ox Tail Stew? Smoked Grilled Angus Burgers? They have it.

I never expected to have some smoked ribs by the beach but anything can happen in Dubai. There’s always something new around the sand dune.


My favorites? The fall of the bone Smoked Ribs(I heard they smoke and cook it for 6 hours before serving it). They serve it to you on a wooden board with slaw and corn on the side. You don’t need a knife for it since the meat is soft and tender. I also like their grilled corn on a cob. I don’t know if it’s grated parmesan cheese on top of the corn but its tasty and salty. Request for extra wedges of lemon for it. Taste better. Too bad they didn’t have their Ox Tail stew when I visited(got excited when I saw it is served with a bed of rice). Next time.

Their food is affordable actually. I expected around coughing up 100-120 dirhams for some ribs and 90 for Angus Beef Burgers but surprisingly, I still have change in terms of paper bills going back to my beach towel.

Come and check them out at Kite Beach! Highly recommended.

What I had:

The Great Burger: Smoked Black Angus patty, crispy cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickled onions and their Sir Loins BBQ mustard sauce in a potato bun. 45 bucks.

Loaded Fries: Fries topped with 6 hour slow cooked Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese mayo. 25 bucks

Grilled Corn: Chargrilled corn with seasoned cream, parmesan cheese and fresh lime. 20 bucks.

Smoked BBQ Ribs: Ribs smothered in Sir BBQ sauce served with grilled corn and their house slaw. 90 bucks.

Location: click here


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