Dubai: In Search of Good Sushi.

Comfort food. Everyone has one. Pasta. Pizza. Burgers. Mom’s hearty soup. Grandma’s home cooking. We all have one.

Sushi. One of those goodies from the east that almost everyone loves is one of my favorites as well. I am a sucker for sushi. Thanks to my Mum who introduced us to Sushi at a young age. It wasn’t the best experience if I remember. Six or seven years old. My first tuna sashimi and some ginormous makis, Mum forcefully putting it in my mouth in front of our Japanese guests at home. I had to act out as if I was chewing and swallowing it while smiling. Oishi my ass. After 20 minutes of not talking in the dinner table, I was allowed to go back to playing my Gameboy in my room. But before that, I had to pass by the kitchen sink to dump some “awesome” pale half chewed yellowfin tuna sashimi before rubbing some kitchen towels in my tongue to remove the fishy taste. -of course Mum knew I didn’t enjoy dinner time because I didn’t dispose the evidence properly. Fail.

But that was decades ago. As you grow old, you get to appreciate better things in life. Even raw uncooked stuff. Good or bad sushi. I don’t care. As long as it’s sushi. It is not that I can’t tell the difference of a good from a bad one(I do actually). That is why I am writing this blog to differentiate which is which in the big city of Dubai. But of course, I am careful when I do sashimi and nigiri. My Chinese doctor who does my acupuncture sessions advised me not to eat too much raw food – because I’m lactose intolerant. <rolls eyes>. Forget I said that.

So I have been to five different sushi spots in the past 15 days so maybe it is really time for me to do this article. So here are my sushi spots in Dubai. Please note that the places are a hit or miss and in no particular order, but I do have my favorites of course. Please note that I love unagi (barbequed eel) so much that the whole restaurant is a fail when they don’t serve a proper one. Sorry. I know it’s unfair.


I am going to split the sushi spots into different entries (whenever I get excited over something, I tend to write longer articles, so I have to cut it into small sushi rolls).

Happy reading on the first sushi spot which is… Artsy Atisuto!





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  1. Marcin Ursyn Jędrowiak says:

    Someone is back to blogging:) nice!

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