Sushi 101: Artsy Atisuto

Atisuto – Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road Dubai

This is a new comer for me. I have been eyeing this small Japanese shack for months last year but I never had time to go since it’s by Al Wasl Road and didn’t even dare to come since there was a lot of construction going on in 2016 in that area(City Walk and Dubai Canal). Now all are open, I now get to go.

Cool and funky Japanese interiors

Their location is nice, parking in front of Atisuto was easy for a Monday night. They have an amazing  wooden interior, a little bit quirky and eclectic but right to my taste. Tables  and flooring where minimalistic but when you look up, you’ve got a funky Japanese street art flair splashed and hanging off their ceiling. I like it. But that’s where it ends.

For starters, ordered miso soup. It was bland, less salty, a little watery. It was bad. Then I ordered the Rainbow Sushi and the Unagi Special. Rainbow is composed of salmon, tuna and avocado wrapped outside the sushi roll. And of course, the Unagi roll.


Rainbow was just okay. nothing smashing. No exploding of flavors in my mouth. Weird. It looked pretty and perfectly rolled but it was mediocre sushi. I am not trying to be mean but that was my experience. It was nothing special.

Then comes the Unagi Special. I was expecting Unagi to save the day but it continued the flatline I experienced from the Rainbow. The unagi slapped on top looked bland, as pale as my half chewed sashimi when I was seven. I couldn’t even taste the barbecue sauce on the Unagi! I am looking for that sweet and salty melts in your mouth taste on the Unagi but nothing. Of course I still ate everything. Leftover sushi is always bad. I feel bad when there’s still some on the plate.

The almost awesome Unagi Speacial

I like Atisuto. How they play in the Dubai market. Their decor, their menu, their service. Should I come back? That’s a yes. I will give them a second chance. If they fail on the Ramen side then it’s all kapoot for them. Well for me. Not speaking for everyone.

Atisuto, I am coming back. I am not ordering Unagi anymore but will try the other half of your menu.

Score: 6/10 (make it 9 please when I come back!)

What do you think?

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